New Law Gives First-Time DWI Offenders Chance to Seal Criminal Record

Having a DWI conviction on your record can have serious long-term consequences when facing a background check for employment or any other purpose. However, a new law in Texas is aimed at allowing certain first-time DWI o... Read more

DWI and Resulting Death: What Constitutes Intoxication Manslaughter?

Just a few weeks ago, at around 2:43 a.m., a woman was driving her Cadillac Escalade on the freeway when she felt like she had a flat tire. She pulled over near the Coit Road exit and her two male passengers got out to... Read more

Fighting Your DWI: How You Can Challenge Breathalyzer Results

If Texas law enforcement officers have probable cause to pull you over for driving while intoxicated (DWI), you will most likely be given a standard Breathalyzer test.  Texas law says that by driving with a Texas d... Read more

Mentally Ill Failing to Receive Adequate Treatment in Texas Jails

A shortage of available spots in Texas' state-administered psychiatric hospitals has caused many facing charges across the state to languish in jail without treatment, bond or a trial date. The problem arises when an in... Read more

Poll Shows That Residents Widely Support Sentencing Reform in Texas

A recent survey of registered Texas voters has revealed that a majority of those questioned support significant sentencing reform for juvenile and nonviolent drug offenders. According to the poll results of more than 50... Read more

Texas To Consider Making Bullying and Cyberbullying a Crime

A proposed law that would seek to protect juvenile victims of bullying and cyberbullying in Texas is inching closer to becoming law. The Texas legislature is scheduled to hold a hearing this month on Texas House Bi... Read more

More Students Are Getting Arrested for Prescription Drug Possession

With both opioid poisoning and arrests related to “legal” drugs on the rise with juveniles, it’s no secret that more young people than ever are gaining access to prescription drugs.Despite an increase in medical st... Read more

Knowing the Facts About Standard Field Sobriety Test for DWI

Understanding Standard Field Sobriety Test Can Help in DWI Defense The nationwide crusade against impaired driving of all types continues to intensify in the U.S., and drivers are increasingly at risk of being pulled ov... Read more

Study Finds That Texas Has Some of the Strictest DWI Laws in the Country

DWI and DUI laws across the country can be fairly strict, and many people don't realize that laws can vary in severity depending on the specific area that an offense occurs. According to a study that was recently conduct... Read more

Inaccurate Field Tests by Police Might Not Be Admissible in Court, But They Can Still Get You Convicted and Lead to Jail Time

If you’ve ever been pulled over in Texas on suspicion of driving while intoxicated (DWI), you probably know that the officer may request to search your vehicle. What you may not know is that any field tests an officer ... Read more

DWI: Fighting Back Against Invalid Field Sobriety Tests in Texas

Oftentimes, when someone is arrested and charged with a DWI in Texas, they think because they failed a field sobriety test or blood test, that they have no option but to plead guilty. One should never plead guilty to a D... Read more

New Criminal Laws on the Books in Texas

The Texas Legislature has finished up for the season, and there are some new criminal laws on the books. Here’s a snapshot at a few of them. HB 910 & SB #11: Open Carry Laws The open carry handgun law has changed for ... Read more

Ex-Priest Charged in Decades-Old Texan Beauty Queen Slaying

It’s been 56 years since South Texas beauty queen Irene Garza was found murdered and floating in an irrigation canal in McAllen, TX. This dark-haired beauty queen was brutally beaten and raped. There were no eye witnes... Read more

Ignition Interlock Law in Texas Offering More Freedom to Former DUI Convicts

In summer of 2015, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a potentially game-changing law regarding driving after a DWI conviction. DWI convicts will now be able to have more freedom to drive as long as they opt for the insta... Read more

How Witnesses Should Testify in Court

Witness testimony can be crucial in the court’s determination of innocence or guilt. Without DNA evidence or video surveillance of the crime itself, it may be the only way to receive the desired verdict. A case can hin... Read more

Organized Crime Bust Nets Arrests of 12 Young Adults

In November, Harris County authorities charged 12 young people — including one juvenile and others ranging in age from 18 to 21 — with crimes related to a raft of burglaries, robberies and auto thefts. Police say the... Read more

Cuban Immigrant Faces Capital Murder Charge

In a tragic story, an immigrant from Cuba is currently being held in the Dallas County Jail with capital murder charges pending against him. The man, 24 year old Michael Maceda, fatally stabbed to death a 64 year old str... Read more

The School Year Begins: A Look at Crime at Texas’ Colleges & Universities

With the school year quickly approaching and students about to hit the books, there’s no more interesting time to look into crime rates at Texas colleges and universities. The following considers crime rates at 20 scho... Read more

What Constitutes Mail Fraud and What Should I Do If I’m Charged With Mail Fraud in Dallas?

Mail fraud is a federal offense that carries serious penalties. The following takes a look at what mail fraud is, what the penalties for mail fraud are, and what you should do if you’re charged with mail fraud in Dalla... Read more

Convicted of Domestic Violence? Dallas County to Take Abusers’ Guns And Store Them

Dallas County is at the forefront in Texas of enforcing a penalty on individuals charged with domestic violence. Officials in Dallas County will soon start collecting the guns from individuals convicted of domestic viole... Read more

Back-to-back Drunk Driving Incidents in Dallas

The age-old adage about everything being bigger in Texas isn’t far from the truth when it comes to the number of drunk drivers in the state. In 2013, Texas led the nation in regards to the number of deaths caused by dr... Read more

Public Drunkenness: When It’s Legal, And When It’s Not

In Texas, persons of legal age (21 years) are allowed to purchase and consume alcohol. This is common knowledge, as is the right of the individual to enjoy the state’s many public spaces. In this Venn diagram of lega... Read more

Four out of Five Dallas Police Officers Confess to Having Low Morale

Results from a recent study report that 80 percent of Dallas Police Department officers are unhappy in their jobs. Some of those officers polled even admit to actively seeking another job. According to the Dallas Mornin... Read more

Texas Death Row Inmate Granted a Stay of Execution

A Federal Appeals Court in New Orleans decided to grant a stay of execution to convicted felon Robert James Campbell. The ruling came after Campbell's criminal defense attorneys argued that he and the State of Texas had ... Read more