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Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers – Dallas Texas

Fighting to Protect Your Rights Throughout North Texas

Charged With A Federal Crime In Texas?

There is sometimes an overlap between state and federal crimes when an offense is committed. In this case, parties must choose whether they want to try the case in state or federal court . In the scenario that only federal laws are broken, the case will be tried in federal court.

However, most criminal cases involve state offenses, and are tried in state court. Examples of federal crimes are cases in which the United States is considered a party, when the U.S. constitution has been violated, over bankruptcy, over copyright, when patents have been violated, when maritime law comes into play, and when there is a dispute between citizens of different state over the sum of $75,000 or more.

We defend clients that have been charged with the following federal felonies below:

You Need An Attorney Experienced in Federal Criminal Defense

If you were indicted by the feds, Tim Clancy is the federal criminal defense attorney you need on your side in the Court room. Federal criminal charges and federal criminal investigations should both be taken very seriously. If you are being investigated for a federal crime, or have been charged with a federal offense involving fraud, computers, finances, taxes, insurance, or drugs, you face hard time in a federal prison.

The federal criminal defense attorneys at Clancy & Clancy Attorneys at Law have years of experience successfully defending people in the Dallas – Fort Worth area and throughout Texas against federal crime convictions.

Do I Need a Lawyer if I’m Under Police or Federal Investigation?

Yes, we highly recommend that you retain legal counsel asap after getting a phone call, letter, or other notification that a case has been created and you are under investigation. The attorney you choose to hire is the most important decision you will make even before you are charged because they can help prevent you from self-incrimination, getting tricked into something, or coerced into making a statement that is not true. Furthermore, the investigators may “offer” something in exchange for information that they cannot deliver. If you have been accused of a federal white collar crime, federal drug crime, or other serious felony charges, or if you are being investigated by the federal authorities, your rights, freedom and future are in jeopardy. It is important that you have representation from an experienced federal criminal attorney as early as possible.

To discuss your defense or criminal charges with an experienced federal criminal lawyer, call Tim Clancy Attorneys at Law at (214) 550-5771. Request your free case consultation today so we can start building your defense.

Types of Federal Cases We Have Defended

We have extensive experience defending against all types of federal criminal charges, including the following:

Contact a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney That Fights To Protect Your Rights

If you are facing federal-charges and need an experienced federal criminal lawyer, call Clancy & Clancy Attorneys at Law today. When you’re facing charges this serious, you need the best defense lawyer on your side.

For additional information about federal-crimes, or to discuss your federal charges or criminal investigation in confidence with an experienced defense attorney at our firm, schedule a confidential consultation by calling us at (214) 550-5771, or if you prefer, fill out the contact form in the left margin and we will contact you.

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