Misdemeanor Assault & Felony Aggravated Assault
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Dallas Assault Lawyer

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Dallas-Fort Worth Lawyer Aggressively Defends Against Misdemeanor Assault and Felony Aggravated Assault Charges

Were you charged With Assault in Dallas Fort Worth Area?

Assault is an act of violence or a threat of violence. Because an assault charge is violent in nature, judges take these cases very seriously. Depending on the individual circumstances of the situation and whether or not you were carrying a weapon, assault charges can be misdemeanor or felony.

If a police or other law enforcement officer witnesses a person striking or trying to cause bodily harm to another person, they can arrest the individual immediately and charge them with assault. However, if the accusation is here-say, the judge and accuser must make statements and file for an arrest warrant before the charges are made. Because assault charges are taken so seriously, this stipulation aims to diminish false accusations. There is, however, one exception to this rule. If the allegations are of domestic violence, the police officer can make the arrest and charge the accused without witnessing the attack or threats firsthand.

A person does not need to physically touch another to be charged with assault. Simply threatening violence and invoking fear in the other person is enough for a police officer to charge someone. In cases like this where there is no violence, only threats, a conviction for assault in Tarrant County can mean fines of up to $500!

What Is A Simple Assault Charge?

A simple assault is if someone sustains minor injuries in an altercation where physical violence occurs, the aggressor can be charged with simple assault. Simple assault is a Class A misdemeanor. A simple assault conviction is punishable by up to a year in prison and a fine of up too $4,000.

How Serious Can A Simple Assault Charge Get?

If the prosecutors have cause to enhance the charges, they could increase the severity of the charges to a third degree felony punishable by up to a $10,000 and up to 10 years in prison.

Charges can be enhanced, or elevated in severity, if the victim is a senior citizen or a referee. Enhancements are more severe if the alleged victim is a public servant; an emergency personnel worker such as a fire fighter, police officer, EMT or Paramedic, or state trooper; and if the act qualifies as domestic or family violence.

What Is Aggravated Assault in Dallas?

Aggravated assault occurs when someone commits assault while holding or possessing a firearm. They do not need to use the gun while the crime was committed to have the assault charges enhanced to aggravated assault. But, with the help of a skilled, experienced criminal defense lawyer, you can navigate this road more easily, and reduce or eliminate some of the harshest penalties

How Serious Are Aggravated Assault Charges in Dallas?

If you have been charged with Aggravated Assault in Dallas, or anywhere in Texas, you need to understand that you have a very difficult road ahead of you. If convicted you may be facing a long prison sentence (sometimes life in prison) and large fines.

Assault of any degree is a crime involving violence, so prosecutors take this charge very seriously. A charge of Aggravated Assault usually indicates the use of a weapon or resulting in serious injury. A conviction on a charge of Aggravated Assault in Tarrant County can carry a prison sentence from 2 to 20 years and can carry a fine of up to $10,000.00.

The aggressive, effective criminal defense lawyers at the Law Office of Clancy & Clancy are experienced in Aggravated Assault defense. They have been helping people in the Dallas – Fort Worth area with the defense of criminal charges for Aggravated Assault for over 40 years.

Were You Falsely Accused of Assault?

It can and does happen. Because assault charges can be filed without physical content, or when gently physical contact is made that someone might find offensive or provocative (a slight tap on the shoulder could lead to a false accusation of assault), getting a skilled legal defense team on your side is critical. If you find yourself falsely accused of assault in Texas, we can help

Whether you have been charged with misdemeanor assault or felony aggravated assault, you should you need to hire a criminal defense team who know how to handle cases like these.

Our Dallas assault lawyers Tim Clancy Attorneys at Law utilize years of experience successfully defending and protecting the rights of individuals in the Dallas – Fort Worth area and throughout the entire state of Texas against allegations of violence.

To discuss your Texas misdemeanor assault crime or felony aggravated assault charges with an experienced Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer, call Tim Clancy Attorneys at Law to schedule a confidential consultation at (214) 550-5771.

How We Defend Assault Charges In Dallas Fort Worth Criminal Justice System

We aggressively defend people who have been falsely accused and are facing assault charges in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and throughout Texas. We have helped many people just like you fight these allegations in court, and restore their reputations.

If you have been charged with criminal assault, including misdemeanor assault or felony aggravated assault, or if you are being investigated for state or federal assault charges, it is important to seek counsel from an experienced Dallas criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Misdemeanor Assault & Felony Aggravated Assault Case Results

Client Initials
Case Type

A. B.


No Contest-6 months deferred adjudication non-reporting probation

Dallas County

E. S.

Assault on a Police Officer Reduced to Class C Assault

Non-Reporting Probation

Dallas County

N. Z.

Assault on a Police Officer Reduced to Class C Misdemeanor

Non-Reporting Probation

University Park, Dallas County

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Tim Clancy utilizes years of experience to aggressively defend clients. If you are facing misdemeanor assault charges or a felony aggravated assault charge, and need an experienced Texas criminal defense lawyer, we can help.

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