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Dallas Criminal Law Attorneys

Fighting to Protect Your Rights throughout the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex and North Texas

Tim Clancy Attorneys at Law have years of experience defending people in the Dallas – Fort Worth area and throughout the entire state of Texas. In state and federal criminal cases, they have obtained many dismissals, charge reductions and acquittals.

Choosing a criminal defense attorney is one of the most important decisions you will make. Whether you have been accused of a crime or simply are being investigated, your rights and freedom are in jeopardy. It is important to have the counsel of an experienced criminal defense lawyer as early as possible.

We take a team approach and utilize years of experience and knowledge to provide you with a high-quality, aggressive defense to fight the charges against you and protect your rights and interests.

To discuss your defense or criminal charges with an experienced Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer,
call Tim Clancy Attorneys at Law to schedule a confidential consultation at (972) 853-3499.

Our Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Fight for Your Freedom

The lawyers at Tim Clancy represent clients throughout Texas who have been accused of any type of misdemeanor or felony in either state or federal court, including:

Federal Criminal Defense. We provide a zealous defense for all federal crimes and criminal investigations, including White collar crime, drug charges, accounting fraud, mortgage fraud, tax fraud & internet crimes.

White Collar Fraud. We have defended clients charged with Internet crimes, wire fraud, mail fraud, tax fraud, health care fraud (including Medicare and Medicaid fraud), securities fraud (including stock fraud and insider trading), mortgage fraud, real estate fraud, business theft and fraud, computer-based fraud, business-opportunity fraud (including telemarketing fraud), accounting fraud and violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Felony Criminal Defense. If you have been charged with a felony, such as aggravated assault, murder, felony theft, sexual assault or aggravated robbery, it is critical that you have an experienced felony defense lawyer to represent you.

Sex Crimes. We defend individuals accused of committing a sex crime, as well as individuals arrested or charged for failure to register as a sex offender. Sex crimes, including sexual assault, date rape, child pornography and soliciting a minor for sex are serious charges that can ruin your future long after you serve your prison time. It is essential you retain the services of an experienced lawyer as soon as you suspect you are being investigated for a sex crime or as soon as you have been charged.

Drug Crimes. We represent clients in both simple and complex drug cases. Whether your case is brought in state or federal court is determined by the type and quantity of drugs involved. Drug charges include drug manufacturing, drug possession, and drug distribution or delivery. The state or federal prosecutor must prove care, custody and control of the illegal substance and must provide a lab result in order to prove the quantity of the substance. There may be several defenses to each of these issues.

DWI Defense and other Alcohol Related Charges. We represent clients accused of driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI), along with other alcohol related charges. We represent clients at administrative license revocation hearings and hearings on requests for occupational driver’s licenses. Alcohol-related charges require an attorney who is familiar with the details required to handle such cases properly. You want an attorney who is up to date on the latest caselaw and police procedures for field sobriety tests, breath tests and blood tests.

Juvenile Matters & Defense. We represent juveniles in delinquency, detention hearings, determinate sentencing, certification, hearings and sealing of juvenile records. Most criminal defense attorneys rarely practice in juvenile court. They often lack the experience and knowledge to represent children effectively. Tim Clancy is experienced in juvenile law as both a former felony prosecutor and a defense attorney. He has the advantage of seeing cases from both sides. Many of the rules and procedures in juvenile court are different from adult court, so it is essential to have an attorney who is familiar with the laws and statutes of the juvenile system.

Expunction, Sealing, & Non-Disclosure of Criminal Records. We may be able to help you remove a charge from your criminal record. We will let you know if your criminal history qualifies for one of these invaluable rights to seal your criminal history.

Post-Conviction: Appeals, Probation, & Parole. Individuals are granted probation as an alternative to jail or prison. We represent clients who have been granted probation by the court and have been accused of
violating the conditions and requirements of that probation. When a person violates the conditions and/or requirements of probation, he or she may face the possibility of jail time. It is best to contact an attorney
immediately to negotiate with the probation officer, the district attorney’s office and the judge. Jail time is always the last resort.

Contact a Dallas – Fort Worth Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer

Tim Clancy uses his familiarity with law enforcement to defend you against state and federal criminal charges throughout the state of Texas. If you are facing criminal charges and need an experienced Texas trial lawyer, we can help.

For additional information about criminal laws, or to discuss your criminal charges or investigation in confidence with an experienced Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer, schedule a confidential consultation by calling us at (972) 908-0693. If you prefer, fill out the contact form in the left margin and we will contact you.

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Located in McKinney Place in Dallas, Texas, Tim Clancy Attorneys at Law defend individuals
throughout North Texas, including individuals throughout the communities in and around the Dallas –
Fort Worth Metroplex, such as Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Plano, Garland, Grand Prairie, Mansfield,
Mesquite, Irving, Oak Cliff, University Park, Highland Park, Frisco, Allen, McKinney, Flower Mound,
Southlake, Keller, Grapevine and Lewisville. Tim Clancy represents individuals charged with a state or
federal crime in and around Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Kaufman, Parker, Rockwall, Henderson and
Tarrant Counties.