The School Year Begins: A Look at Crime at Texas’ Colleges & Universities
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The School Year Begins: A Look at Crime at Texas’ Colleges & Universities

Posted On - August 27th, 2015 | By Tim Clancy | Category - Uncategorized

With the school year quickly approaching and students about to hit the books, there’s no more interesting time to look into crime rates at Texas colleges and universities. The following considers crime rates at 20 schools in Texas (data provided by the U.S. Department of Education).

Increase in Crime on Texas’ Campuses

There was an increase in crime on campuses in Texas between the years of 2011 and 2013. Specifically, non-property crimes, like armed robbery, sexual assault, and manslaughter have increased by 10 percent nationwide. Sex crimes continue to be the most prevalent types of crime on college campuses.

Number of Reported Sex Crimes at Colleges Around Texas

More than any other crime type, sex crimes, like sexual assault and rape, are the most prevalent type on college campuses in Texas. The following lists the reported numbers of sex offenses at colleges in Texas in the year 2013:

• Texas A&M University: 15
• University of Texas at Austin: 29
• University of Houston: 19
• University of North Texas: 13
• Texas State University: 10
• Texas Tech: 12
• University of Texas at Arlington: 9
• University of Texas at San Antonio: 10
• University of Texas at El Paso: 6
• Sam Houston State University: 8
• Baylor University: 11
• Lamar University: 3
• Stephen F. Austin University: 0
• Southern Methodist University: 9
• Texas Christian University: 20
• Rice University: 4
• Angelo State University: 4
• Saint Edward’s University: 4
• University of Texas at Dallas: 4
• Trinity University: 6

The least prevalent crimes were arson and manslaughter; the second most prevalent crime types were robbery and sexual assault. It is also believed that many sex crimes go unreported – the numbers above reflect only reported sex crimes. The numbers listed do not reflect prosecutions or convictions. Schools with higher enrollment numbers were more likely to have a higher rate of sexual assault/criminal instances.

Students Feel Safe Regardless

Despite an increase in criminal activity on Texas’ campuses, students continue to feel safe. According to one survey, three out of four students are aware of security incidents that have occurred on campus, and 55 percent of students personally know someone who’s been affected by crime. Regardless, 80 percent of students report feeling safe on campus.

Charged with a crime? Call a Criminal Defense Attorney

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