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White Collar Crime

Engaging in Deceptive Business Practices in Texas

Have you been arrested for or charged with engaging in deceptive business practices in Texas? In recent years, faced with increasing complaints from consumers, Texas prosecutors and law enforcement authorities have alloc... Read more

Hindering Secured Creditors – What it Means & How Honest Mistakes are Charged

How Unintentional Bankruptcy Fraud & Hindering Secured Creditors Charges Occur It's not unusual for emotions to run high when a bank forecloses your house or a car dealer informs you your car is about to be repossessed.... Read more

Dallas Real Estate Fraud Attorneys

Under §32.32 of the Texas Penal Code, "False Statement to Obtain Property or Credit or in the Provision of Certain Services," real estate fraud is said to occur when "(b) A person commits an offense if he intenti... Read more

Dallas White Collar Crimes Attorneys

In white collar crimes, forgery involves imitating, making, or creating documents in order to deceive others for criminal purposes. In cases involving real estate, banking, or corporate fraud, forgery can involve falsify... Read more

Internet Fraud Laws in Texas

Internet fraud is one of several types of internet crime that has grown steadily with the rapid improvement of technology, the increase of instantaneous communication over the web and the anonymity afforded by the use of... Read more

Dallas Texas Bank Fraud Attorney

If the U.S Attorney's Office has charged you with Bank Fraud, whether as a key player in a large investment scheme or bad check scheme, or if you are only a charged with playing a small role in a business fraud, you need... Read more

Money Laundering

When most people hear the term "money laundering," they think of the transfers of money that has been involved in serious criminal activity - drugs or white - collar crime - among people who are actively engaged in the c... Read more