McKinney Officer Resigns – Emotions Out of Control During Arrest
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McKinney Officer Resigns – Emotions Out of Control During Arrest

Posted On - July 2nd, 2015 | By Tim Clancy | Category - dallas

Police officer Eric Casebolt shocked Texans and Americans when he pulled his gun on a group of McKinney, Texas teenagers earlier this June, 2015. Since that time, a number of questions have been raised about what the officer was thinking, and Casebolt has resigned – a choice he made on his own, say authorities.

Video Shows Casebolt Pulling Gun, Throwing Teenager to Gun

The entire scene was caught on camera. Officers arrive at a pool party, where teenagers were enjoying the good weather. Casebolt immediately began yelling at teenagers, using vulgar language, and demanding that they get on the ground. A young teenage girl, who is told to leave by Casebolt, is then grabbed by the hair and thrown to the ground. When other teens approach to help, Casebolt pulls his gun in a threatening manner.

Civil rights groups are saying that the teens had every right to be on the property, and that their civil rights were violated. No criminal charges were every filed against the teenagers.

Casebolt Resigns of his Own Accord

Casebolt’s actions are currently under investigation. His attorney, Jane Bishkin, told reporters that Casebolt was feeling extremely emotional that day, as he had just responded to two suicide calls prior to arriving at the pool party. His attorneys also said that Casebolt said he, “never intended to mistreat anyone.” In response, Casebolt resigned from the McKinney police department, a decision that he said was his own.

Civil Rights Groups Call for Charges to Be Pressed

While the resignation was certainly the first correct step in a long line of what’s sure to come, civil rights groups are saying that the resignation alone is not enough; instead, they’re calling for criminal charges to be pressed against Eric Casebolt. However, the exact type of criminal charges to be pressed has yet to be decided. It’s likely that civil charges will also be filed against Casebolt; the attorney for the young woman who was thrown to the ground by Casebolt—Dajerria Becton—said that Becton is having a hard time recovering from the incident. Not only does Becton not want to leave her home due to media attention, but she’s also having trouble both sleeping and eating.

When Civil Rights are Violated During Arrests

Regardless of whether or not a crime is being committed, those who are being questioned, asked to leave, or arrested by officers in Texas and elsewhere have rights. When civil rights are violated, the accused has protections under the law. If you have had your civil rights violated and are facing criminal charges, don’t hesitate to seek the counsel of a criminal defense attorney in Dallas immediately. At Clancy & Clancy Attorneys at Law, we’re ready to represent you! If your civil rights were infringed upon, charges against you may be dropped or lessened as a result. Call us at (214) 550-5771 to set up a free criminal defense case consultation.

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