Dallas Mail Fraud Laws in Texas
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Dallas Mail Fraud Laws in Texas

Posted On - November 5th, 2010 | By Tim Clancy | Category - Criminal Defense

Dallas – Fort Worth Federal Criminal Defense

If you have been charged by the U.S. Attorney’s Office with mail fraud, you need the knowledge, skill and understanding of an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help you unravel the complicated case the prosecution is putting forth and to help you successfully reduce the potential for long sentences of prison or probation and fines that can be associated with a conviction for mail fraud.

What Is It?

Fraudulent misrepresentations and schemes to defraud the general public or a specific target using the U.S. mail to engage or aid in the fraudulent conduct, may be prosecuted as “mail fraud.” The U.S. Attorney’s Office will seek to charge an individual with the crime of mail fraud when they believes evidence exists of any scheme of fraud has used the mail systems to make that fraud scheme work. Any type of fraudulent scheme using the U.S. mails or commercial carriers to mail items related to the scheme, such as checks, contracts, credit applications and the like, can be prosecuted as mail fraud. There is no requirement that the fraud scheme be of any particular type. The mail fraud statutes originally required that some use specifically of the U.S. mail be made. Now, however, the statutes allow a charge and conviction if either the U.S. mail or any other mail carrier (FedEx, UPS) is used in an attempt to complete the fraud.

We Can Help You

If you have been charged with mail fraud, you could face a lengthy jail sentence as well as hefty fines and restitution. The lawyers at Clancy & Clancy have the knowledge and skill to help you defeat the prosecution’s cases and avoid the harshest penalties, fines and consequences that can come from a conviction on a charge of mail fraud. We will answer your questions and provide objective legal analysis. Email Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer Clancy & Clancy or call at (214) 550-5771 to schedule a consultation.